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The Taste Of An Oyster

Tasting an oyster is a lot like tasting wine. I recommend that you chew your oyster a little bit, and aerate (take in the air through the mouth) to allow the flavors to cross the palate And develop fully. I’ve been describing oysters like wine for years now, and people are amazed when I tell them what the oysters they’re about to enjoy is going to taste like—and when.


I'll never forget my first oyster. I was sixteen and a busboy at one of Toronto’s top restaurants. One night, one of the waiters, who’d become a mentor, called me into the kitchen after service. “Psst, Paddy, cover the kitchen door!” Simon whispered.“What for?” I asked. “Oysters!” he exclaimed. “Watch the front, Gerbil’s got the back.” After struggling with the shells, Simon proceeded to open a few oysters. He handed me one, nestled in its shell, and told me to slide it back. It was cold, sweet and salty, like the ocean. And I was hooked.


Excerpt from the book Consider The Oyster-A Shucker's Field Guide- Patrick McMurray


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